Vocational School


About the Vocational School


RGGM partners with a vocational school in Kenya. Girls from underprivileged backgrounds train in a 2 year program. The boarding school hosts 64 young women and offers a professional training recognized by the Government in dressmaking, leather processing, hairdressing and beauty. The foundation of the program is to generate a self-sustained income, promote a dignified lifestyle and encourage girls to be valuable members of their communities. 


Girls learn to sew as part of their vocational training. 


  RGGM donated 10 new sewing machines in 2019.

Ongoing RGGM's contribution to school


RGGM's Empowering Impact

  RGGM assists in teaching and equipping girls with: 

  • personal development, discovering gifts and strengths,
  • leadership  skills, 
  • applying foundations of healthy relationships, 
  • improve self-care (Days for Girls)
  • deepening spirituality, faith and hope in God.



Having fun finding our love language, gifts, strength and passions.



Maria teaches about feminine health, sex education, and self-care.

 She is health ambassador for “Days for Girls"  which distributes reusable  hygiene kits through RGGM funding. 



Living fulfilled life involves a relationship with God. Teaching God’s word is the centerpiece of our ministry. 


When you empower a girl, you empower a community, you empower a country.