About RGGM


Our Mission

Reflecting God's grace and love through educational, spiritual and physical care for women and children in Kenya. 


Our Vision

Inspiring personal development, leadership skills, and spiritual growth through education, biblical teaching, discipling, and coaching.

About Maria

Maria Allewelt

Maria Allewelt is a successful Certified Life Coach. Her combined experience of more than thirty years in coaching, disciplining and mentoring qualifies her uniquely to speak to people’s hearts and minds with the transforming message of the Gospel. People describe Maria as inspiring, insightful and present. Her greatest strength in coaching is listening with an open heart combined with the ability to ask powerful questions.


Her firsthand experience living cross culturally enables her to understand the challenges of moving in and out of a different cultures. She is an experienced speaker and has taught in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.


In 2011 God called her husband Gil home to be with him. This profound event changed her deeply. Going through the process of grieving and seeking God intensely left an undeniable impact on her. Suffering became a means of grace and her understanding of God's beauty  found in the brokenness of life deepened. Her heart’s desire is to make a difference in the life of women and children in Kenya.

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