Reflecting God's Grace Hope Again

Bringing Hope and Comfort

Several years ago during a women's fellowship at South Coast Community Church, Maria shared how God met her in her grief after the loss of her husband. Many women were impacted by her story of how God comforted her in the midst of her grief. It opened women's hearts, “allowing” them to express their pain and grief for the first time.

 In Kenya women are “taught to be strong”. Showing feelings of grief and pain are uncommon. Many women have lost children and know too well the pain and suffering from loss first hand. Margret, the leader of the ministry, lost five children and could identify with Maria's story. God worked in Margret's heart in remarkable ways and healed many of her wounds. Through the encouragement of Maria, Margaret started a ministry to women who also have lost children. 


Margret visits women in hospitals who have lost children . She comforts, listens and prays with them. Allowing women to express pain and sorrow creates an atmosphere of consolation and healing. In the quietness of their broken hearts God meets women and Margaret's ministry is well received.

RGGM partners with Margret, assisting her with further resources, education and leadership skills. Her outreach has impacted the community and is felt within the families she ministers to. The vision for the ministry is to build a team of women who will expand this ministry into other churches.