RGGM Girls go Beyond

Empowering Girls

The goal of “Girls go Beyond” is to empower girls (12 - 18 years old) to stay in school enabling them to complete their education and get a job to support themselves. When you empower a girl you empower a community, you empower a country.


The positive impact of educating girls is no secret, yet many girls are still missing school due to lack of  hygiene products which keeps them at home during their menstrual cycles. This causes girls to miss 3-5 days of school a month on average, making it difficult to keep up on their studies. Some of them will drop out of school because of this. This initiative will help reduce absenteeism.

Goals and Partnerships

The program also aims to equip girls with life-skills that allow them to develop the confidence and ability to:

·    Develop leadership and relationship skills

·    Improve self-care

·    Communicate effectively, respectfully and freely

·    Learn conflict resolution

·    Make thoughtful life decisions

·    Prepare for a future career

RGGM in connection with South Coast Community Church provides much needed funds for the hygiene products. We visit the school each month and plan to extend the ministry to other schools in the community. We are involved in building teams of professional local  women to address the  issues young girls face today.

Girls Go Beyond Video